Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day

In honor of this year’s Labor Day holiday weekend we, er, worked.

We had three straight days of sunshine. Beautiful weather, though unseasonably hot and humid for this time of year. The finest quality of September, the one that makes it my favorite month of the year, is that slight nip, that hint of chill, on the breeze. Sadly, that playful bite was not present. And we sweated profusely because of it.

Personally, I mowed the front and back yard, clipped hedges, power washed the deck and the stone steps on the side of the house, doused the backyard bushes and beneath the deck with that Ortho bug-be-gone stuff, cleaned out 50% of the garage, and did four loads of laundry. The wife stripped the paint of the deck. I will be restaining it later this week.

As a result, muscles I never knew I had, despite painting Little One’s room two weeks ago, spontaneously massed to launch a revolt on my body. I was literally bedridden the majority of yesterday.

There was some fun. Saturday night we drove down the Jersey shore to attend a fair. I did my quota and took the little ones on the Ferris Wheel. Also went on the Crazy Bus. We bought tickets for the mega-raffle (winner gets $25,000) and blew through a hundred dollars in three hours. Budgeted money, and well-spent. Only downside was that my father-in-law could not be there with us.

The girls did the beach thing one day with their mom, swam in a friend’s pool the next, and played at the “Wall of Noses” park yesterday with yours truly. I hung out with my bud one night and we saw, basically because there was nothing else to see, Mission Impossible at the movies. Eh, so-so. Very convoluted and loud. I also visited my padre in the confessional for a recharging of batteries.

Only downside is that I did not read, write, or work on the Project. Too much going on, never a dull moment. That kind of a weekend. Hoping to make some progress this week, despite that deck waiting for me outside, and the birthday bashes for the little ones following in a few days.

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