Friday, October 23, 2009

Philosopher Fantasy Baseball

Batting Order

1. Kierkegaard, SS
2. Schiller, 2B
3. Augustine, LF
4. Aquinas, CF
5. Bergson, 3B
6. Leibniz, RF
7. Anaximander, C
8. Plotinus, 1B
9. Nietzsche, P

Hey, they don’t have to agree! They just have to win ball games!

(Plato and Kant got snatched up early in the draft, and we passed on Aristotle to get Aquinas …)


Anonymous said...

I think Nietzsche has lost a little off the fastball. The sleeper here is Descartes as long has he doesn't overthink.


LE said...

Nietzsche can strike just about anyone out, though he can be a little wild.

Descartes doesn't like the cold so write off any post-season with him.