Tuesday, November 24, 2015

APB out on the Hopper

I am here, alive, and, while not exactly thriving, doing a little better than just surviving.

Actually, I’ve had a busy ten days or so. The wife flew to Montreal for a couple of days (right after the Paris attack, much to our fears) leaving me alone with the two little troublemakers for 100 hours. Spent two days getting the lawn leaf-free. Father-in-law came up for a visit. Had two job interviews for some potential 9-5 work. Completed a massive novel, then suffered painfully from reader’s block. Fought a cold to a stalemate. Fought the black dog just as valiantly, though less successfully.

I do have stuff on deck. A review of aforementioned novel. A meditation on sports (formed in the shower after watching that devastating New York Giant loss to the Patriots). A short post about my youngest, Patch. A couple other less developed things. Just life getting in the way of getting my behind in the chair in front of the laptop.

This Thanksgiving four-day weekend I am bringing my laptop with me when the family visits my parents in their Pennsylvanian hideaway. I’ll post some stuff in the next few days and end the three-week self-publishing hiatus I’ve (involuntarily / voluntarily) been on.

See you real soon.

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