Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nietzsche in a Winter Wonderland

SCENE: Front yard during the Great Blizzard of ’16. Hopper is out shoveling the sidewalk between random snow plow drive-bys. Daughter Patch, age 7, is laying in ten inches of snow making a snow angel.

HOPPER: Look out! (dumps a shovel load of snow on Patch)

PATCH: (indignant) Dad!

HOPPER: Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

PATCH: Dad, it’s not making me stronger! It’s making me colder!

Note: The above incident did, in fact, take place exactly as described, four hours ago. Patch is resolutely refusing to draw any life lessons from Nietzsche’s well-worn adage, a well-worn adage I’ve recited to her many, many times, usually after inadvertently (or advertantly) injuring her in some small or not-so-small capacity during play.

Some Pics:

Scene from the upstairs bedroom window 

The Nietzsche incident took place ten feet to the left of the pic

Patch with the windup ... and the pitch ...

And Little One goes down ! ....

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