Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Control the Border

You want fairness? Control the border.

An open borders policy is unfair on a number of levels.

Is it fair to push the undocumented, the “refugees”, to the front of the line, when countless numbers have followed and are following the longer, safer, legal process?

Is it fair to depress the job opportunities and wages of low-skilled workers already here (and this affects the black community to a greater extent than any other) with a massive influx of immigrants?

Is it fair to force those here legally to pay for the social services that will be required to aid a massive influx of immigrants?

Is it fair to allow large numbers of immigrants from countries that sponsor terrorism, that preach hatred for our country, that are in the midst of internal civil war, into America when we lack the ability to thoroughly vet them? (Say, the way the media vets a Republican candidate for the presidency?)

It seems to me an open borders policy is unfair on a number of levels.

Control the border.

It also seems to me a 90-day moratorium on immigration is a sensible measure, and not the beginning of a new holocaust, an un-American persecution, or a fourth reich.

And I’m not even a Trump supporter.

Be guided by the heart, but frame the heart with the head.

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Anonymous said...

Here is my conundrum. I really want to educate myself on the Constitutionality of these orders, but I can't trust any news organization as it seems all have an agenda. My kneejerk reaction is that an individual cannot have Constitutional rights until they are a citizen or granted the equivalent (green card). Anyone else enters at the discretion of the Government.
We are a country of immigrants, and to me, none of these orders abridge a single right of any of them.