Friday, February 17, 2017


Imagine my horror – no! you can’t, but just try to – imagine the horror when I unpacked my lunch and my read du jour for the leisurely oasis that is my 30-minute lunch break, and discovered THIS:

Somehow the bottle of ice tea I packed had sprung a leak in the bag I carried it in, destroying The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand! Though the turkey and cheese sandwich was unharmed, safe and secure in a plastic baggie, I immediately lost interest in it. At the sight of the murdered book my heart plummeted! Must I secure my books now in plastic baggies?

I immediately realized I had to replace it (I was 60 pages into the 700-page novel). Tonight? Should I leave work early and pick it up a B&N on the highway before I had to get the girls and be at the night job? No – too little time. It’ll have to be tomorrow morning, before basketball games and the tax returns come calling in the later afternoon.

What a pity!

What a disappointment!

What O what shall I do for the thirty minutes my office door is closed today?

[Note: the answer was to compose this blog post, naturally]

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