Friday, July 14, 2017

Slow Week Busy Week Phantom Week

What’s Hopper been up to this week? Why no posts?

To be honest, I don’t really know.

Been fighting a chest cold all week, this now being the third week since I first caught it. I’m almost over it, but it still leaves me tired and achy at about 85% normal capacity. When I’m physically out of sorts I find it difficult to write. I tend to do my favorite escapist things. Primarily read books.

I’m 180 pages into Robert Silverberg’s Tom O’Bedlam, nearing the halfway point. Couldn’t put it down Sunday, and read it 30-45 minutes a night. Also, in my continuing quest to make sense out of my religion, I’ve watched a couple of lengthy videos on Sedavacantism and read about half a book on Orthodox Christianity. Also read a piece of Aquinas, but he tends to give me a headache – fault all mine, of course, not his.

Watched one of the least-demanded remakes of all-time, 2015’s Poltergeist, with Little One, on Tuesday. First 30 minutes were legitimately creepy and had some great jump-scares (Little One nearly punched me in the face inadvertently during one). But the final 55 minutes just plain stunk. Keep thinking to myself: Why? Why bother with this exercise, Hollywood? Oh, yeah, right – $.

Followed up Poltergeist with a mediocre All-Star Game. Went for a long walk one other night. Did grocery shopping. Stuff like that. Necessary, time consuming, and thoroughly unmemorable.

Made the mistake of mentioning to my bosses at work that I have some free time every non-payroll week. Ach! Now I’ve been given three hefty responsibilities that have stressed me out and eaten into my “catch-up” time. The payroll week is an overloaded one and the non-payroll week I used to use to catch up on housekeeping, etc. Now I have two full days of new stuff. I bear it with a smile though, since none of the three jobs are permanent (covering for someone on leave and helping another department with a short-term project). Plus I’ve been there officially a year now, with a review coming, so this might add a few percentages to Hopper’s earning power.

Also, the district manager from my tax side gig reached out to me earlier today with a project. I have phone time scheduled with him for Monday, so that’s exciting.

Speaking of making sense of religion from a few paragraphs back, I did do some research on this phenomenon called “Modernism” that many – myself included – feel have infected the Church. Have a whole page of notes I plan on writing up tomorrow sometime to post tomorrow evening. Check back for that, if that sort of thing interests you.

So that’s kinda sorta why posting has been rare around here. Kinda. Sorta.

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