Thursday, September 7, 2017


What does the man of renunciation do? He strives for a higher world, he wants to fly further and higher than all men of affirmation – he throws away much that would encumber his flight, including not a little that he esteems and likes; he sacrifices it to his desire for the heights. This sacrificing, this throwing away, however, is precisely what alone becomes visible and leads people to call him the man of renunciation: it is such that he confronts us, shrouded in his hood, as if her were the soul of a hairshirt. But he is quite satisfied with the impression he makes on us: he wants to conceal from us his desire, his pride, his intention to soar beyond us – this man of affirmation. For that is what he is, no less than we, even in his renunciation.

   - The Joyful Science, Book One, § 27, by Friedrich Nietzsche

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All right, enough Nietzsche. My little interlude from reality. Now I’m back. Regularly scheduled programming to recommence.

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