Sunday, July 27, 2014

Psychopath Cage Match

So listening to this book-on-CD, The Greatest Battle, while driving to and from work, is starting to get really depressing.  Mainly because of learning how big a psycho Stalin was.  Well, I always knew he was a bonafide psycho, but how great a psycho he was is truly astounding.  Hitler gets most of the votes in the unofficial Psychopathic Insanely Evil Dictator and Demon Masquerading as a Human award, and rightly so, but if the public knew half of what the Russian despot really did, the small, wiry cretin would give the Austrian monster a run for his money.  Operation Barbarossa, the 1941 invasion of Soviet Russia by Nazi Germany, was truly a case of “why can’t they both lose.”

For instance, I learned that Stalin had 158,000 of his own men killed during that six-month campaign.  For crimes such as being captured or retreating.  158,000.  Think about that.  To put it in perspective, that’s slightly less than the combined amount of men killed in action by both the Union and Confederate armies in the entire four years of the American Civil War.  Compare this to what his brother-butcher did: Hitler had 22,000 of his own men killed on all fronts during the entire duration of World War II.

So I got to thinking that, perhaps, if there truly was justice in this world, the Higher Power would simply take Adolf and Josef, strip them down to their boxers, and toss the two animals together in a cage match to the death.  Who would win?  Hitler has the age advantage, ten years younger than his Russian counterpart.  Stalin, however, (I believe, though I am disgusted to pursue this further) has personally killed more men up close with his own hands. 

Again, truly a case of “why can’t they both lose.”

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