Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vacation 2015 Pics

Some of the more amusing pictures from last week's trip down to Hilton Head, SC:

Patch snuggling with a hen at one of the island's animal preserves. This prompted a vivid retelling of the scene in Rocky where Stallone had go catch that chicken in the alley.

Little One with a baby alligator. Note the blue band keeping its heavily-toothed maw shut. There would be more gators later in the week. Without blue bands.

Great. Countdown to "Can we get a turtle as a pet?" in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Little One wearing the latest fashion accessory, a wrap-around boa.

Boogie Boards on the beach. I was the victim of numerous drive-by hit-and-run boogie board accidents care of both children that afternoon.

Photobombed!, or The Girl with Two Heads!

Little One and her coach after a particularly grueling hour-long workout in the heavy heat and humidity. She slept well that night.

The girls getting their t-shirts autographed by local singing celebrity Greg Russell at his show near the Lighthouse at Sea Pines.

Roasting marshmallows during the "Haunted Campfire Night." After the sun went down, the teenage guides told the group of little ones many spooky stories.

This guy stalked us while the girls were fishing off a dock using hot dogs as bait. He was only two or three feet. Then his older brother swam up for a piece of the action, too ...

A perfect ending to a perfect evening ... of not getting eaten by gators.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful vacation! Pictures are great...snake wrapped around Little One's neck...yikes! Impressed that your are now a beachcomber, Hopper! Never too old to try things! So happy you all enjoyed!