Sunday, July 3, 2016

South Street Seaport

Yesterday the girls and I drove into NYC to meet with my in-laws, in town from Hilton Head to see the Mets-Cubs series (my father-in-law is a big Cubs fan from his youth). The day was absolutely gorgeous. After meeting by one of the piers right next to the Fulton Fish Market and watching some helicopters take off and land, we had an awesome lunch at an Italian eatery a few blocks inland. After that we trekked on down to the Staten Island ferry for some sightseeing in New York harbor.

Nice shot of the Peking, a four-masted steel-hulled ship built 105 years ago. Owned by several countries over the years (Germany, Italy, Britain), she was finally purchased by the US in 1975 and retired to the museum here. She’s most noteworthy, from what I understand, for traversing the treacherous waters around Cape Horn several times.

Meeting the in-laws beneath the bowsprit of the Peking. I took the little ones aside to notify them I would be selling them into servitude on a ship like this should they misbehave.

This wall of wine was mounted directly behind me at the open-air trattoria where we dined for lunch. The theme of the place seemed to be mixing eggs with tomato sauce in various dishes. Turned out to be much better than I expected.

And brave little Patch moments before gobbling down a fried egg on a basil pizza slice.

 Beautiful view of the harbor from the Staten Island ferry, featuring the Freedom Tower on the right. The picture does not do the scene justice.

Lady Liberty a few moments later.

Yours truly taken by Little One on the ride back to the seaport.

All in all, an all-around great day!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great day. Treasure those memories.