Thursday, June 30, 2016

June is History!

All in all, had a great month.

Started a new job, which I like and it seems they like me. Got a nice fat bump pay-wise, and it looks like I’ll be accomplishing more with less stress than at the old 2011-2015 place. And it’s so nice to see a paycheck of my own hit the bank account every week.

Put in 21 hours, by my reckoning, of self-study into the tax thing. Still like it, which I still think is kinda weird, but I’m looking at it as a possible additional contribution to the Hopper household financially, and a failsafe / escape clause / golden parachute / buffer should I ever be laid off again.

Very enjoyable month reading classic-style. Put away Moby Dick, King Lear, Mutiny on the Bounty, and am almost finished with a scholarly treatment (in paperback form) of Professor Tolkien. Which rekindled an ever-present interest in The Lord of the Rings, which decided to reread (for the fourth time), starting this weekend.

Not so much on the physical fitness or writing fronts, however. This’ll have to be addressed later on. And it was a sad week pet-wise, what with poor Cinnamon a few days ago and my sister-in-law’s long-time dog passing on yesterday. Geez, and my little ones want me to buy them a Boston terrier!

Well, gotta run. The wife has been on vacation all week, and today she took the girls down the Jersey shore for the day. Got us a rotisserie chicken, some fresh string beans, some microwavable cheese macs, and oreo cookie ice cream sandwiches for desert for when they all get back.

Ah! The sweet and pleasant boredoms of domestic tranquility!

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