Tuesday, April 4, 2017


As I find myself approaching the half-century mark, I’m coming to several epiphanies about my life and how I’m living it.

Like this one, for instance.

I’m a movie buff, and I watch a lot of flicks. Probably three or four a week, maybe more if you count the ones I watch with the little ones for their science fiction cinematic homeschooled education. I watch a lot of quality movies and a lot of crap movies. Classic, oldies, science fiction, horror, comedy. I’m picky in certain areas, surprisingly carefree in others.

But rethinking my life, I’ve realized I see way too much:

Slimy gross alien body horror

and way too much:

Bullets to the head.

On a weekly, almost daily, basis.

God, I must see ten characters a week killed by head shots. The Walking Dead, Narcos, any of the alphabet soup of SVU and CSI teevee shows. Bullets to the head. Blood spatter patterns. Just about any Hollywood (notoriously anti-Second Amendment Hollywood) flick coming into my Optimum Online for a small fee. I’m waiting for Sheldon to place a Glock against Leonard’s temple and squeeze the trigger.

And slimy alien body horror. Beginning with Alien, why does just about every Hollywood alien flick have to feature something slimy slithering into or out of somebody’s orifice with murderous intent? Latest case in point is Life. Other case in points are the Alien franchise films (good), and just about every made-for-Syfy Syfy movie (bad).

I don’t want to see any more slimy gross alien body horror, and I don’t want to watch anyone else graphically get his brains blown out.

Moratorium now in place.

Let’s see if it lasts past the weekend …

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Anonymous said...

TV...Hollywood...it is done! Even the kids Disney movies are done! So sad...they no longer know how to entertain.