Saturday, April 1, 2017

Invasion of the Turkeys

No, this is not a post related to today’s date.

This happened a half-hour ago, as me and Patch arrived back home after some errands.

Walking out of my across-the-street neighbor’s backyard, marching in single file, one by one, across the street and into my adjacent neighbor’s property, a platoon of ten turkeys.

This, in my suburban town, not a hundred yards from one of the nation’s busiest highways.

Nonchalant and defiant, they strolled past me, the little one, and a third neighbor, also recording the event.

Led and flanked by massive toms, the squadron held four or five medium sized birds and a trio of younglings. And those big males were … big. Three feet tall and must’ve weighed forty or fifty pounds. Or am I exaggerating? I honestly did not want to get too close. I thought they could fly away with Patch in their talons.

Oh, and do turkeys fly?

Anyway, after ten minutes they disappeared, on a mission known only to them and Turkey High Command. I pray that the invasion is thwarted before real damage is done.

And how do I know that an invasion is underway?

Because I nearly ran down two of them three or four days ago, up the road, on my way to work. Advance scouting patrol. They sauntered out in front of my car, blissfully unaware of the danger (which makes them the most feared of nature’s warriors), causing me to nearly swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid a premature Thanksgiving dinner.

The invasion has commenced!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, turkeys fly...55 mph is their regular speed and if it hits your windshield it will come right through. And, yes, they were all boys...toms. The leader of the pack is the boss. JW