Friday, May 5, 2017

Who Are You?

Like this video for a couple of reasons.

First, I was into The Who in my early high school years, say, 1982-1984 or so. Listened to a lot of my uncle’s 8-track tapes and taped a lot of tunes of the local classic rock station. I eventually saw them on one of their numerous farewell tours (I’m guessing – 1989?) but I don’t remember much of that show.

Second, the video kinda conveys the weird mixture of monotony and fun of a recording session. Now, I never had monetary or commercial success doing the music thing, but me and my various band mates did go into the recording studio four times. The first was a pure learning experience, but the second and third sort of reflect what the video shows these guys going through. It’s a weird experience. You’re jamming along as you would in your rehearsal studio, but you’re separated by weird partitions, you’re hearing playbacks through headphones while you’re adding your own thing, and to make the hours bearable, you goof around with your pals.

Third, from 1990-1992 I played a black Les Paul guitar very similar to Pete’s – with the EXACT SAME black-and-white checkered strap, without being aware of it at the time! 

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