Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May's a Wrap

Well, now that my evening job is on hiatus until tax season reboots in six months, my days are somewhat back to normal. May was a very productive month, and I’m very pleased with what I’ve accomplished.

I got to spend time with my girls again. We watched a slew of movies. I also got to see two of Little One’s track meets (she runs the mile and half-mile). Patch tried out and made the town’s travel soccer team. We enjoyed the middle school spring concert, with Little One on clarinet. A pair of girl scout meetings for Patch, who also helped me with the yardwork one beautiful spring afternoon.

I’ve been able to read in the evenings again. Put away nine books alone this month! (The Mote in God’s Eye, Quantum Fuzz, Power vs. Force, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, Downward to the Earth, Peace with God, The Little Book of String Theory, Nightwings, and The World Inside, if you must know.) Not only that, but I started working out again: curls, push-ups, leg dips, that sort of thing, plus walking every now and then with the girls. Haven’t dropped any weight, but I’m not as squishy looking as I was over the winter.

You might have noticed that three of the books listed above pertain to physics. Yeah, the physics bug has bit me again. This past month I must’ve averaged an hour a day reading that stuff. Love it. Fascinating, thought provoking, and bittersweet, ’cuz I did go to school for this stuff before dropping out. Oh to spend eight hours a day in front of a chalkboard instead of payroll software. Now I’m thinking about cleaning out the garage and building a supercollider in there …

Had an interesting Memorial Day weekend. As usual, we drove to visit my father-in-law down the Jersey shore. My sister-in-law and her twin two-year-old boys were also there. The first day I stayed at the hotel readin’ and studyin’ and relaxin’ while they all hit the beach. I did the beach thing Sunday, collecting shells with Little One and playing soccer with Patch. That night we had an awesome dinner at a steak joint (I chugged two massive 22-ounce beers – maybe that’s why it was awesome?). However, the Memorial Day parade, a staple the kids look forward to since everyone marching throws out candy, got rained out. We returned early to get ready for the week.

So, I gotta give May a good grade. Only black mark is that the weather hasn’t been so May-like. We had a hot few days the beginning of the month, forcing me to put the ACs in early, and now it’s been rainy and 60s-ish for the past two weeks. Hopefully June will be springfully hot, and not rocket us into the mid-90s too soon.

See ya!

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