Sunday, November 5, 2017

Why Can't Daylight Savings

Happen every weekend?

I am so refreshed – really needed that extra hour of sleep. I am sure you are, too. So, why can’t we do this every weekend?

Unless I’m not quite awake yet, I think it can be done. In order to do it, though, we’d have to shorten the amount of time a second measures. Here, let me explain.

There are 168 hours in a week. For a weekly daylight savings to occur, we’d need to have 169 hours, so we can get an extra hour of sleep every Saturday night / Sunday morning.

Every second would then need to be 168/169th in duration, so we could squeeze in that extra hour over the week that we could take back in precious, delicious sleep over the weekend.

168/169 = 99.408 percent as long.

So we’d have to shorten every second by 0.592 percent. Hardly noticeable.

I say let’s do it! Parents, are you with me? Someone start a petition!

Or am I still asleep, sleep posting ….

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