Monday, March 26, 2018

Fascist Twerp

The only thing scarier than the anti-logic and naked appeal to emotionalism re: the massive attempt at “gun control” in the wake of the Parkland shooting is that this kid is being held up as the face of the movement.

I haven’t fired a gun since 1984, but I’m edging closer and closer to an NRA donation simply to protect the Second Amendment.

Now, if you want to discuss mental health reform, the overmedication of our youth, and the fact that despite all the best efforts of the nanny state bullying is still widespread throughout our schools, then I’m all ears.

But until then, poses like this (and the incendiary nonsense that preceded it) do nothing except make me want to dig my heels in preference to the opposing position. I’m hoping this little wannabe’s fifteen minutes is about fourteen minutes and fifty-five seconds up.

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Anonymous said...

David Hogg is a kid being politically exploited. His Mother, Rebecca Boldrick, is a CNN VIP and an anti-Trump activist. David, along with all the kids and victims, are being exploited...sad. Who is funding this movement? Did Paul McCartney have his armed guards with him? Thank God armed Police and Military were there protecting the marchers... I pray there is as much outcry and marches for opiod abuse.