Friday, June 11, 2010

Sacred Heart

Back when I was having my serious health issues in February 2009, in the very thick of things, my parish priest came to visit me. After inquiring about my state, both physical and mental, conversation turned quickly and obviously to spiritual matters. The crucifix which hung in my hospital room directly in front of me focused my mind on such all-important but too-little-dwelt-upon topics. It was probably the first time I really opened up to another person.

I must confess to being really drugged up during those two weeks, so I kinda rambled a bit. Well, a lot. I don’t think Father minded. He let me ramble on, sufficing himself to be there for me, attention undivided. I mentioned the crucifix, and I mentioned my heart issues, and I said that for a long time I had been contemplating some sort of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Christ. His reply was, “Why not?”

Today in the chronology of the Catholic Church is the feast day of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I posted a litany and a meditation on the Sacred Heart this time last year.

Today I intend to recite them every hour on the hour.

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