Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yesterday the Little One graduated from kindergarten. Did a school year go by already? Wasn’t it only last week or the week before that I was posting about Pi and Miami CSI and was having technical difficulties with the PC (that ultimately cost me $250)?

Yes, time flies, as we have all been warned. And the older one gets, the faster it zooms by. I don’t even know where the aughts went. All I remember is getting married, buying a house, and having two children. Yes, that’s about it.

Anyway, we got our morning zombie up out of bed at 7 am, herded her into the shower, put her in a pretty summer dress. Mom blow-dried Little One’s hair while I simultaneously stuffed bits of muffin and yogurt into her mouth. We went out into the humid overcast day at 8:05 and I left her at her school ten minutes later.

The ceremony started at 10:30 and lasted an hour. The school blasted Beach Boys music over the intercom as all the little ones marched into the auditorium single-file, and sat according to class on the stage. There are four kindergarten classes at her school, for 75 total students, almost twice what they normally expect. Something in the water six-and-a-half years ago …

They sung a few songs, said the Pledge of Allegiance, and each received their kindergarten diplomas in turn. We met the Little One out in front of her classroom for pictures with her teacher. Then we walked home and my mother treated us to lunch. It was a fun afternoon.

No more graduations for another four years, when the Patch will be leaving kindergarten. Then, the following year, the Little One will have her “moving on up” ceremony at the end of fifth grade before heading to Middle School. And after that, well, high school and college. We’ll be having dual graduations for those years as Patch is four years behind her big sister.

After lunch my mom watched the girls while me and the wife splurged and bought an air conditioner. Later, I took the Little One out for some Dairy Queen. We had salads and sandwiches around 7 pm and ate in the living room watching the video from earlier in the day. Got the girls in jammies and put the tired little things down by 8.

What a day! A milestone.


Anonymous said...

congrats to all. time does fly. enjoy them now cause they grow up so fast.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, the simple things that make life worthwhile. Enjoy them.


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day!!!! Thanks for the post and pictures.