Friday, October 3, 2014

Thoughts Amidst a Headache

My head is pounding, so I think I’m going to spend a delightful weekend holed up in an anonymous New York City low-end hotel, studying this amateur manuscript I’ve found on hollow earth theories.  There may or may not be copious amounts of booze involved – I got a lovely bottle of chocolate-flavored vodka chilling in the freezer – and I may spend all the money in my bank account.  On that airplane trip.  To Juneau, Alaska, where I might hire a dog sled captained by a mysterious Esquimaux woman, mush-mush-mushing all the way up to the Aurora Borealis.  And maybe – just maybe – I can use that map the one-eyed man left behind and find the way in, to the world where only Lindebrooks and Saknussems trod, and attain the center of the earth …

Or I might just take a hot tub with some Epsom salts and read one of those physics books I pulled out of a box in the basement.

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