Friday, October 24, 2014

Yet Another Cage Match ...

“ .. a poetic sentence is the exact opposite of a logical proposition.”

- Quantum Philosophy, Chapter 1 (page 6 in my hardcover edition) by Roland Omnes.

Now, my first thought about this poetical proposition – after intuitively agreeing wholeheartedly with it – was …

Poetic Sentence vs. Logical Proposition
Cage Match to the Death!

Who would win???

And I actually planned on writing three or four paragraphs on this until I realized that not all stream-of-consciousness trains-of-thought need be pursued to their final destinations.  In fact, it is probably a blessing to us all that the Lord has given me the gift of Hoppericity.  My short attention span has just saved you five minutes, ten if you’re a masochist!

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