Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vitae Interruptus

I guess.  Anyway, like it too often do, life has interrupted the ebbenflow of this blog.

It begins with the wife: journeys to Cleveland and Montreal bookend the weekend, leaving me, of all people, in charge of the little ones.  Of which three soccer games were scheduled.  Pencil in the wife’s birthday and all that prep that entails, plus normal and necessary activities as grocery shopping, laundry, housekeeping and, er, work and all, and you can plainly see I’ve had no time in the past three or four days to reflect, with the muses, upon existence and the ironies of human condition.

Also had barely any time to read.

So – hopefully I can bang out a few two-a-day-ers this week at the job, in between answering the happy customers ringing in on the phone and walking that tightrope of keeping both my managers and subordinates happy.

Oh, on top of all this I’ve had severe reader’s block, so I went to an unfamiliar library and scored a quartet of thousand-page books.  A good plan or not?  We’ll see.  More details mañana.

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