Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Argh!!! Technical Difficulties!!!

My trusty PC is fighting what seems to be a losing war against a worm.  Can't seem to rid Old Faithful of it.  Antivirus software doesn't seem to be working.  Booting up in safe mood, nope.  System Restore, nada.

Hope I don't have to scrap her.  Bought her a couple of weeks before Little One was born ... and Little  One just celebrated her half-birthday.  Halfway between ten and eleven.  OK.  Maybe things'll have to change soon around here.

I have been blogging, though.  Just unable to post.  Maybe I can figure out how to do it all on the iPad here.  Hate that, though, cuz to me it's like writing longhand.

Oh well.  Once more into the breach!

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