Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Had a pleasant morning. Slept in. The Easter Bunny came last night and left 22 eggs hidden about the house, along with two big baskets of candy. Went to 10:30 mass where I and Little One served. Once home the ladies made Breakfast Braids, which we all devoured while the wife and I drank mimosas. This afternoon we’ll continue a nearly-ten-year tradition of watching Charlton and Yul in The Ten Commandments.

I’ll also be doing laundry every commercial break. Working my way through yet another Civil War book, my latest Astronomy magazine, and the 2016 MLB Preview – can you believe Opening Day is a week away?!

Lots of action the next couple of days. I’ll post some interesting stuff when I get a chance.

(No hidden message with the image above. It’s NYC from 1956. Saw it on FB and it just struck me as so odd, that this something that was actually done in America [Snopes certified the photo as legit]. It’s sad to me to see how far we’re falling in less than a lifetime …)

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