Thursday, March 3, 2016

I Don’t Like Anyone Running for President

And I don’t like it.

After ten years a nominal liberal (thanks, Rutgers!), I had a couple of major deep-seated conversions in the 90s. One result is that I have never voted Democrat since. So, Hillary and Bernie are not even considerations.

Six months ago, I was very interested in hearing more of Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. Well, Fiorina never gained traction, never made connections with potential voters. I liked her message, her strength, her delivery, but I could understand this disconnect. As far as Dr. Carson is concerned, well, over the first two or three debates he showed that, while a brilliant and honorable man, he does not have the temperament to be President.

Nor does Donald Trump, for diametrically opposing qualities. Watching the debate tonight I can’t but help see him as abhorrent and an embarrassment. Not strong, not sincere, neither principled nor dignified. And with that Middle School bully personality, God help us all if he ever gets access to our nuclear codes.

Cruz has a “practiced sincerity” that rubs me the wrong way. Yeah, I buy it that he’s the most conservative of the remaining Republicans. But I don’t like the dirty tricks his campaign uses and, with a wife attached to Goldman Sachs, I’m not so sure he’s the outsider he touts himself to be.

Rubio doesn’t seem trustworthy either. I don’t think the man presenting himself at these debates and in interviews and campaign appearances is the man who’s spent the past couple of years in the Senate. In other words, he’s squishy, RINO-ish, part of the dreaded “establishment”, or at least trying to become part of it. Originally I liked his speech and speaking style (how refreshing after eight years of George Bush to have a Republican who can speak naturally!), but now his robotic spewing of talking points annoys me.

Kasich is just too liberal, so he’s a non-consideration.

Before Chris Christie dropped out, I swore up and down to anyone who’d listen (mainly the Mrs.) that I’d never vote for him. Rightly or wrongly, I view him as the major factor Obama got re-elected in ’12, what with all the pal’in’ ’round and bearhugging between the two in the aftermath of Sandy right before the election. Sadly, I don’t get the satisfaction of not voting for him.

So I don’t like anyone running for president in 2016.

I haven’t decided what I plan to do come November. My vote statistically doesn’t matter. I could go third party protest vote (provided there is a third party out there that meets me at least halfway) or I could abstain from voting for the first time in 28 years. I dunno. Something I’ll have to keep on the backburner of my mind.

Well, hopefully I haven’t offended all my few but loyal readers out there. Politics truly is hyped more than it need be, and is used more often than not to divide us, rile us up, scare us and anger us. I find the occasional day that goes by where I don’t listen to the radio or watch TV or surf online is actually, honestly, a happier one for me. Remember, this November, we are voting for the person who occupies only one third of our government, and that for a maximum of eight years.

Now that the eleventh Republican Debate of 2016 is over I feel like I need to take a shower.


Anonymous said...

Here is my take: the GOP has not nominated a rock-ribbed conservative since Reagan -- the Bushes, Dole, McCain, Romney. At best, if these men were to be elected (some were), the march to European style Socialism would be slowed. But the Democrats have always been satisfied with incrementalism, and know we would get there in time.

So where do we find the closest thing to a Constitutionalist, Conservative candidate? That candidate is Ted Cruz. While you may not like his tactics, it is exactly those tactics that will be required to take down the Chicago-style politics employed by the Democrat machine. Keep an open mind about Ted. He ran circles around Trump and Rubio in the last debate.

As for Kasich, I can't put my finger on it, but I still like him even though he represents the moderate milquetoast mentioned above. Maybe its his experience balancing the Federal budget as Chair of the House Finance committee and his position on taxes. I wish he didnt embrace liberal positions on illegal immigration and health care.


LE said...

I do remember you telling me to keep an eye on Kasich way back in '08 or '12. His answer on the religious freedom question he was given two debates ago disqualified him for me, tho he back pedaled a bit on it in this debate.

I have a great pic for a post on Ted Cruz in the near future if he wrestles the prize from Trump. I'd probably go 3rd party in a Trump-Clinton election, but I'd probably vote for Cruz if he went up against Herself.