Monday, March 14, 2016

I Can't Believe It's Pi Day Already!

My! How the weeks and months rush by when yer stuck in limbo.

It’s crazy, cuz just last night I was noodling around on a piece of paper while watching The Walking Dead:

Just a trying to figure out a good approximation for 1/π during commercial breaks.

Anyway ….

Today is also this guy’s birthday –

(By the way, he uses the same organizational system Hopper does.)

If he lived to this day, Einstein’d be 137 years old. 137 is also the fairly lose approximate reciprocal of something called the fine-structure constant, a quantum mechanical thingie needed to evaluate the electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles. Don’t know much about it (natch), but it did give several physicists over the years many sleepless nights, wondering the significance of Why 137?, for if it’s off by just a few tenths of a percent in either direction, stars, and hence life, would not form in the universe. Life as we know it, that is.



Anonymous said...

Happy Pi Day! What kind of pie are you having for celebration?

LE said...

I'll be honest ... We had Maggie Moos per Patch (more to celebrate her non-Pi related achievement than to celebrate Pi Day)

Anonymous said...

You should have texted with your eldest nephew...he was all happy to text me and share what day it was! They even had pizza "pie" to celebrate in his math class!

LE said...

We did exchange "Happy Pi Day!" texts. Next year I'll think of an intricate pi-related problem to send him....