Monday, November 14, 2011

Poppy Bust

Oh great.

For breakfast today I stopped at the deli and got a delicious poppy seed bagel with some cream cheese on it. Later, at lunch, the whole office ordered from a local restaurant. Scanning the menu, I began salivating over a pita with poppy seed paste. Mmm-mmm. Then, around three, some salesman came up to us with a humongous poppy seed cake. Boy, that sure was mouth-watering. I had two slices and, when no one was looking, I scarfed down a third piece.

Wouldn’t you know it, as I was walking out the door, briefcase in hand and light brown fall jacket all zippered up, my new boss catches me. “LE,” she says, “one thing I forgot to tell you.” She hands me this medical form that looks like one of those tests you need a number 2 pencil for. “Company policy is that all new hires need to take a drug test. I should’ve given you this on your first day last week. Do you think you can drop off a sample at this lab tomorrow morning?”

I was so shocked my mouth fell open and a poppy seed muffin dropped out.

* * *

Don’t know what the heck I’m writing about? See here.

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