Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Working 101

Some random thoughts from my employment odyssey over the five months at two different establishments …

* Work for a boss who has children.

Especially if you have children. When emergencies or other normal family events come up where you may be forced to take some time off – even a few minutes one day – you’ll be met with understanding. Who needs stoney steely glances and glares when you’re ten minutes late ’cuz the daycare you dropped your child off to was slightly backed up?

* Work for a business that drug tests its employees.

It’s one of the best ways, I’ve discovered, not to work with jackasses.

* Work for a place that formally trains its employees (managers at the very least).

It’s another great way not to work with jackasses.

* Work for a company with reasonable rules and regulations.

Example: pay plans. One place I worked for had every manager pay plan three or four pages long in triplicate. Employee, Manager, and Owner signature required on the bottom of each page. Another place had pay plans scrawled on the back of memo notes. Like so many things in life, the truth lies somewhere in the ’tween.

* Work for a business that is NOT owned by a Screamer or hires Screamers.

Screamers are those type-A jerks that have to have it their way yesterday or else they’ll start hollering like the immature imbeciles they’re really showing themselves to be. If the company owner is a Screamer, don’t even bother with the place. If managers are Screamers, well, all right if you can maneuver around them. But I still say, avoid them. These idiots automatically double the stress level just by being in the same room with you.

* If you’re not happy where you are, by all means, start looking elsewhere!

Look online, mail out letters and resumes. Don’t feel guilty. If it was in the company’s interest, they’d let you go with little or no warning. If you work for a Bad Place, fire them, but do it smartly.


Anonymous said...

Soooo? Did you pass? Always

LE said...

You know, I forgot to ask. You'd think after eating fifteen pounds of poppy seed products that'd be something I'd remember to inquire about ;^)