Sunday, January 22, 2012

Block Blues

I have writer's block.

I'd love to write about the Shroud of Turin, my current subject of interest. Almost finished with a scientific-oriented treatment of the relic, then it's on to a more faith-based book on the topic. The sciency-one hasn't budged my setting on the belief-o-meter, though. Still about 90-10 in favor. In fact, the Rational, Reasoned and Enlightened book actually seems to be falling on the side of ... authenticity. The silly little cloth that silly little flat-earthers believe in might be - well, can't say it's the burial cloth of Christ, but we're forced to say it's not a forgery.

I'd love to write about some funky philosophy. I skimmed through a 20-page online summary of Pyotr Ouspensky's work that reignited my interest in his work. Now, I never finished Tertium Organum, so I can't pen knowledgeable and thoughtful opinions on it; but a couple of themes have permanently taken up residence in the real estate beneath my skull, and periodically bang on the pipes. One day, soon, I'll finished that tome. Then the trick'll be to write it into a piece of fiction.

I'd love to write about the football games. I'm thinking a Giant-Patriot rematch, which I think the suits are also pushing for. But since that's my prediction, it'll be a Niners-Ravens Superbowl. We'll see.

I'd love to write about my latest read, Disposable People. But those thoughts I'm saving for the review in about a week. A third into it, and I'm not disappointed. My first medical thriller, first read at the tender age of 11. Some images permanently seared into the noggin, one such just revisted three decades later. Surprised at the maturity of the book for me at that age, not to say that the book is mature, being a bombastic relic of its age, the late 70s.

I'd love to write about my new job, how well it's going. But that'll jinx it. Block or no block, work is off-limits here.

I'd love to write about politics; there's an endless treasure trove there. The pack of jokers vying for the Republican nomination, each of whom stands a good chance of losing against the worst President in the past century, or at least since Jimmy Carter. I honestly want none of them to win: Not Romney, not Gingrich, not Santorum, not Paul, and certainly not Obama. What to do, what to do, come November? It's depressing.

Man, I hate writer's block. No feeling worse than being unable to write a sentence ...

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Anonymous said...

Oh,just write about your kids...that is always fun and least for the Grandparents!!! Always