Friday, January 6, 2012

Make My Mind

Kinda busy tonight, so –

Aw, shucks. I’ll be honest.

I’m tired from a long week at work, tired from raising children, tired from detoxing due to my New Year’s diet, tired from … well, I’m tired.

So’s the Mrs.

We’re gonna watch a flick together tonight. I can hear little footpads two floors upstairs telling me she’s marshalling the little ones to bed. Good. Let me type this quickly and get it posted. Big weekend, with the football playoffs (Go Giants!), church, my father-in-law visiting, errands tomorrow, cutting up that gigantic tree branch that crashed on my deck last month. But tonight I’m watching a movie. (I have The Searchers starring John Wayne DVR’d, but I’m not sure I can cajole the wife into watching it.)

In the meantime, why not check out my latest musical obsession? I was way into these guys around 1996 or 97; they were probably the last rock band I enjoyed before delving into classical.

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