Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Celebrate Good Times

1. Little One did her very first presentation! In front of a dozen members of her Brownies troop, she explained how she loves to write in cursive ( - “which they don’t even teach until third grade!” - ), displaying a poster board of the script alphabet and taking questions afterward (!)

2. Patch has graduated from Preppers to Pre-School in her daycare! Thanks to some lollipop-bribing over the holidays, she is now potty trained, and, well, she’s been long ready intellectually from the next step. Her Preppers teachers will be sad, but with Patch’s vocal abilities, they’ll be able to hear her on the other side of the school.

3. Wife has some sort of work-related connection with Gail – Oprah’s whatever – and scored all sorts of awesome points getting her company’s PR firm involved. I must confess I’m not too solid on the details, only listening with half-an-ear and half-a-brain. But kudoes for her! Here’s to an awesome 2013 bonus!

4. And me? Well, I keep doing all right at my new job, but as far as personal celebration goes –

To Die in Italbar

Disposable People

The Humanoids

Spider World

– all came in the mail today! And I’m looking to finish Voorloper tonight! Lots of tres cool escapism and beard-petting SF paperback reviews forthcoming!

Celllllllllllllll-a-brate Good Times – COME ON!

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Anonymous said...

YEAH! to you and your family! I am so proud!!!! Always