Wednesday, March 21, 2012


OK. Don’t know much about Tebow other than the hype-storm that is Tebowmania – the rabid love-or-hatred many, many hold for the kid based on his outspoken Christianity. I missed the game this season past where the Broncos came from behind last-minute to defeat the Jets, and I did not see him play in the playoffs, with the exception of the highlight reels. Against beat-up Pittsburgh: good. Against an angry New England: not so good. That caveat stated, I understand Tebow’s at best a B-level quarterback. Maybe he’ll up his game to A-level, maybe not. Even money on that.

Now he’s in New York, a hop-skip-and-jump away from where Yours Truly lives and works and writes. Though I’m a Giants fan, I bear no ill-will towards our little green brothers. I like to see the Jets succeed. One day I’d even like to see a Subway Super Bowl. Odds are that will never happen, but I’m not one of those fans who hates the other team just because.

However, I think the trade for Tebow will be a disaster for the Jets. An absolute disaster. How Sanchez can improve in the media circus that will ensue, I have no idea. How other obvious holes in the Jets’ offense and defense and special teams can be repaired while spending money for this unnecessary addition, I have no idea. How Tebow’s outspoken Christianity will coexist with the toxic gangsta mentality of the Jets locker room, I have no idea. But I do know one thing. This will not be good for the Jets.

Funniest thing I read online amidst all this hoopla was the observation that after the Giants won their first Super Bowl with Eli, the Jets went out and got Favre. Now that the Giants have won a second with Eli, the Jets go and get Tebow. What’s up with that?

My prediction: a 3-13 season. Of Rex Ryan, Tannenbaum (the GM), and Sanchez, two of the three will be gone a year from now. Odds of Tebow overcoming and witnessing a second season as a Jet: 1 in 5. There, I’m now on record.

Note: This is obviously not a sports blog, and I am not exactly the world’s biggest football fan. I did predict late last season that both the Giants and the Jets, in their late-season meeting, would somehow both lose. But – and it’s a big BUT – I did ace the previous year’s Super Bowl prediction. So let’s add this to my list of predictions … odds of this post being correct: 2 in 3.

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