Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tug of Peace

From the Encounters with Education, this –

We get a weekly progress report on our youngest, little Patch, from her day care center. It tells us what she’s done learning-wise, activity-wise, and social-wise, while keeping it all safe, fun, and friendly. After all, she’s only three, and she’s still figuring out how to interact with other three-year-olds. And she’s two years away from counting and the alphabet, though they work on that with her.

Good. Fine and dandy. But I had to laugh when I read her latest report yesterday.

It seems, in addition to building styrofoam dinosaur models, in addition to listening to Dr. Suess, in addition to playing the drums and triangles in music class, my daughter enjoys playing “tug of peace.”

No! Gods, no!

What they’ve been telling us all those years is true! It’s true, I tell you! Those who’ve warned me about “no more dodge ball” and T-Ball games where no score is kept, they’ve been right! I must admit – I didn’t really believe those Paul Reveres, my predecessors, my forerunners navigating the waters of child education. But it’s true. My first true encounter, with this touchy-feely kumbaya blithering nonsensical nonsense, is with the incredibly sissified paradoxical oxymoronical game – game! – now re-labeled as “Tug of Peace.”

No! Gods, gods, no!


Got that off my chest.

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

And, no, “tug of peace” will not be spoken of in my house, ’cept to make fun of it. Because my children, my girls, will be playing for keeps. Playing for keeps in life, because they will be successful. No matter what they choose, they will be successful in any endeavor they choose, because of the training and support my wife and I will give them, in spite of the misguided, idiotic, Ph.D’d cra-pola they’ll have to deal with during the next twelve to fifteen years of their “education.”



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Anonymous said...

the only thing you can do is teach your children how inane this world is where equality of outcome supercedes true achievement.

"tug of peace" will morph into a game where one side just gives up and apologizes rather than competing.

I wonder if Bill Ayres played "tug of peace" in school or just "blow up the pentagon".

Sorry for rambling.