Friday, March 9, 2012

Tide Goes In, Tide Goes Out

Very busy past coupla days. Too busy almost to write (I wrote the Asimov book review at 11:45 one night). Too busy almost to breathe, if you know what I'm getting at. Frantic, frantic, rush-do-this, rush-do-that, live, breathe, consume, die.


Wife's sick again, on the eve of her three-day sales meeting. So instead of having my two little hurricanes alone for three days, I have them alone for five. We're wiping everything down, washing hands as much as we can, so this doesn't turn into the Hopper Flu Epidemic of 2012. Part Two.

Car's in the shop and I'm now driving a Nissan Altima rental car. Other guy's insurance is paying for it, except they suckered me into the $20/day insurance waiver for any damage to the rental car or any passenger within in. So this truck-hit-pole-hit-my-parked-car accident will probably cost me about $300 or so. They call the waiver the "peace-of-mind" fee. Anyway, the rental car is cool though smaller and less ballsier than my beloved Impala. The girls love it as a change of pace, and I'm getting used to it.

The house is a mess, there's about a dozen piles of laundry to be done, the pantry is stocked with food no one wants to eat, there's two dozen items on my honeydo list. Blah redux.

I'm also exhausted because I started working out again. Started this past Tuesday. Have done a couple of sessions on the stationary bike and a couple of weightlifting workouts. Still feel fat, though, but its a slightly more muscular fat.

On a more pleasurable note, I'm halfway through a Dan Cushman western, a slim aged paperback I bought last summer during my Zane Grey phase. I like it. Spare and spartan, the writing is. Classic names, classic themes. Not as bad@ss as the back cover spelled it out, though, but that's okay. I'm enjoying the ride. Ride in this case being a cattle drive from Wyoming to Montana during the Grant administration.

The Feser book on philosophy is so right-on that I'm also enjoying that read immensely. My only concern - and its a minor one, though - is that it seems to veer into Fox News territory, the same way H. W. Crocker's Triumph: The Power and Glory of the Catholic Church did way too often. Just because most of my official education has been from aggressive entrenched leftie professors doesn't mean I now want to read stuff from an extreme right point of view. I just want the Truth, you know? Capital-T Truth, and it is out there.

Just fed the little ones as I wrote this. Now I have to herd them upstairs, into jammies, teeth brushed, stories read, etc. Then I rented a movie to watch with the wife (said movie will not be named on account of it could be embarrassingly awful). But after that - I'm going to Barnes and Noble, to cruise the bookshelves as the store approaches closing time, alone and at peace, and itching to score a treasured piece of literature for a few bucks.


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