Tuesday, September 30, 2014

See ya September!

The most hectic month of the year for us – aside from December, June, July, April, November, February, May, October, January, March, and August – is now coming to a close.  The end of summer beach holiday, back-to-school, birthday bashes, and football.  A lot packed in to those thirty days, and, as usual, it flies by in a blur.

’Twas a good month here at the Hopper house.  The girls seemed satisfied with their parties and presents.  The bank wasn’t busted.  I have three new books – plus 28 old ones recently resurfaced – to read in the upcoming weeks.  I’m spiritually renewed (that’s the promised future post I keep, er, promising).  I’m healthy and have even lost a few pounds.  Work is bustling, and the demand for me is there, so all is well in the world, for now.

October … I have a wedding to attend.  I also want to delve deeper into my physics, as I mentioned in an earlier post.  Continue along the spiritual and better health paths I’ve started to carve out.  And begin some nifty Halloween reading, sometime, say, around the 24th or so.

So, in the spirit of a book review, let me give you my assessment of September 2014 –

Grade: A-minus.

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