Thursday, September 18, 2014

Y No Posts?

Ay caramba!  Cuz I’ve been busy!  It’s the Hopper family annual birthday week!

Seriously, it’s been nonstop party and party-related activities and action since Saturday.  Cleaning the house, inside and outside, top to bottom.  Family and family friends outdoor bash on Sunday.  Patch’s school friends party at Bounce U on Monday.  Patch’s family party (that’s me, the Mrs, and Little One) on Tuesday.  My birthday party on Wednesday.  Mix in two soccer practices, three mission retreats at my Church, and a whole slew of end-of-month accounting tasks at work (where I’ve been going in an hour earlier each day), you have a very, very, very busy blog host.  Also managed to fit a trip to the Confessional in there somewhere.

But – lots of fodder for near-future posts.  Notes and observations of my first mission / retreat in over ten years.  My birthday book score.  Random other thoughts about the public events of the day.  Time to saddle up and get back on the horse.

So, see ya tomorrow!

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