Sunday, November 23, 2014

In Search Of ... Bigfoot?

Woke up at 3:30 this morning and found myself unable to get back to sleep.  So, like I often do, I tiptoe down into my basement writing office, flick on the PC, and hit the usual sites.

Now, call me a nerd if you must, but I prefer to chalk it up to nostalgia.  I always, invariably, sooner or later, during my nocturnal insomniac dazes, hit the plethora of In Search Of videos posted on Youtube.  My subconscious mind must find something very soothing in Leonard Nimoy’s voice, something very comfortable and familiar with the paranormal and histories/mysteries subject matter of the 70s documentary show, because on a good early early morning web surf, I will watch anywhere from two or three to a dozen or more episodes.  Though adult me finds a good deal of the subject matter hokey and implausible (such as Bigfoot), little kid me ate this stuff up nonstop.

Oh, and while I start out doing something productive while half-listening half-watching the videos, like balancing the old check book, I also invariably, sooner or later, open up FreeCell and play about fifty games.

Then I go upstairs when everyone wakes and, if it’s a weekend, sleep for two late-morning hours, like I did this morning.

However, this morning I also watched the Ancient Mysteries show on Bigfoot.  This particular episode truly gives me the chills.  The background music is haunting and hair-raising, subtly eerie and definitely spooky.  I am constantly looking up to see if any red eyes are peering in through the basement windows at me.  Very chilling, but very, very addicting. 

The show originally aired in 1994, I believe, and I remember actually taping it on VHS way back then.  Usually watched it when I stumbled back home late late at night in a drunken stupor.  Seriously.  Though those days are behind me, as well as my VHS recorder, I still watch the Youtube video of that show two or three times a year.

Here it is.  I heartily recommend you bookmark it for the next time you have insomnia.

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