Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Yeah, things are a bit tight here time-wise (actually, come to think of it, freedom­-wise), so it’s been hard to just sit down peaceably and write.  The job’s been extremely stressful – think trying to juggle forty or so round objects ranging in size from a marble to a hand grenade to a bowling ball while walking a swaying tightrope over Mauna Loa.  The wife’s in the month-long process of interviewing for a position that would truly accelerate the attainment of her central career goal.  Little One’s basketball season is starting in earnest now, and the extracurriculars – her clarinet concert at B&N, girl scouts, sleepovers, birthday parties – keep coming at me like those household appliances flying at Ash at the end of the uber-classic Evil Dead 2

Me, I’m just trying to keep my head – and my family’s physical and financial house – above water.

After a nasty bout of insomnia yesterday, I finally began a workout program reboot (much needed, for whenever I glance in a mirror I see a young, still-mobile Jabba).  Did the exercise bike and threw around some free weights for a half-hour this a.m.  And reading, still my Number One Source of Stress Relief, has to take precedence, too.  For those keeping track at home I am on track to read more books cover-to-cover this year (around 55, I think) than I ever had in a past twelve-month period.

So I have a list of topics to write about.  Just gotta write ’em.  I keep a Word doc open on the PC at work and, when the traveling circus leaves me a moment’s peace I type a few lines here, a paragraph there, and hopefully will have a few interesting posts this week.  Have two book reviews to finish (er, and start).  Some thoughts on religion and some thoughts on politics.  Some personal observations on, uh, personal teleological musings.  My reading plan for 2015.  A list of movies I wanna see before the year’s out.  

Stuff like that.

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