Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

2014, you were a b*tch of a year.  The “Year of Neverending Change” at work.  The “Year of Surprise Repair Surprises” at home.  Read more books cover-to-cover in 12 months than I ever did before (an even 60).  Couldn’t lose the 20, 25 pounds of extra weight I carry despite a stretch of summer and December workouts.  The wife continued to move ever upward and ever onward in her career, God bless her for that – I managed to stay employed.  As far as my writing goes, well, did outline a novel and write the first 2,000 words.  Now only 88,000 to go, give or take a few dozen.  My two beautiful daughters continued to grow, to thrive, and to simply amaze me.

Now … for 2015 …

How ’bout –

Finish that book!

Drop that weight!

Two simple goals that would make me a very, very, very happy middle-aged man.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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