Thursday, June 23, 2016

Busy Life of Busyness

Sorry for the lack of posting of late. Been – wait for it – waaaaiiiiitt – been very busy.

Working hard at the new job. Lots to learn and do. So far, successful. I’ve been performing, if you permit me some honest pride, phenomenally. And by phenomenally, I mean impressing the new bosses and functioning flawlessly in my position.

Studying hard for the tax preparing stuff. Early next month I’ll find out when the class by me is scheduled, and that class will start in August. I had stopped by one of the company’s offices two months ago and have been reading through their suggested material, as well as some books on my own that my aggressive curiosity has led me.

Completely absorbed in the 1932 novel Mutiny on the Bounty. What a page-turner! I began it at the pool last Saturday and haven’t been able to put it down, reading about fifty-sixty pages a day. I have a review half-written in my mind, but I still have a hundred pages left, which I want to finish by this weekend.

The girls are away with their grandfather down the Jersey shore and on a trip to see their aunt and cousins down in Washington DC. While this means peace and quiet in the evenings, it also means I have to do their work: feed their pets and clean their pets’ cages and bowls. Also did some yardwork one evening and fought off one of them fat hairy bees.

Looking forward to a nice, ice cold beer tomorrow after work, out on the deck, pad and pen before me as I brainstorm dozens and dozens of fun, witty, exciting, motivating, and mind-blowing posts to wrap up June.

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Anonymous said...

Kuddos, Hopper! Seems you have found a home! TYG! Keep reading, at the pool???? At the pool???? Life is good!