Friday, June 10, 2016

Change in Information Delivery System

Here at the Hopper there has now been an official change in information delivery systems. Particularly, regarding politics.

Now, I am a completely disenchanted voter this cycle. 100% chance of not voting for Hillary. 99% chance of not voting for Trump. Since my northeastern state will go Hillary this November regardless of who I, one of seven or eight million eligible voters, will cast my vote for, I face a conundrum. Do I stay home or do I lodge a third-party protest vote.

However, this is not the subject of today’s post.

Instead, I have opted for a change in the way Political News is delivered to me.

Instead of relying on the Industrial News Media Complex – Fox News, National Review, Breitbart, as well as CNN, the Today Show, and the inescapable Facebook news feed – I have switched delivery systems.

For the next five months, Hopper shall only get his news from …

The Onion.

The two examples which made me realize the wisdom of this switch are

and here

Donald Trump

Trust me, it’s worth the clicks. Perfection in the dark comedic arts, a closer vision of reality than what we have been allowed to have, and a prescription for sanity leading up to the national election.

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