Sunday, June 26, 2016


Is good for the soul.

Now that I am healthy spiritually and am starting to turn things around financially, it’s time to think about my physical health. Hopper’s about 10 percent overweight and is wholly addicted to SAD – the Standard American Diet. Last Monday I went sugar-free for 18 hours and wound up with a blazing headache. Mrs. Hopper is in the same boat, and we’ve both been wanting to do something to clean ourselves up for the longest time. So I think that’s on the deck next.

I have a handful of other unfinished projects that need, uh, finishing. Incomplete things, of which I always have aplenty, due to my hopping about nature, incomplete things weigh heavily on my psyche, especially when I lay in bed awaiting sleep each night. So those handful of things too have now found themselves in the spotlight of my strengthening attention.

Tomorrow: Book review.

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