Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Give Trump the Nobel

Because, if you gave it to Obama for doing absolutely nothing other than not being George Bush, ya gotta give it to someone who actually, you know, accomplished something that led to peace.

Could anyone reasonably argue if Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in commenced their huggy love-ins five years ago Obama wouldn’t be touted as the Peace Maker Wonder King of All Time for ending the seemingly never-ending Korean War and possibly dragging the most despotic hell hole on Earth to something that at least has the potential of joining modern civilization? Would Obama, Blessed be His Name, not be on every single ballot cast by ever single balloteer voting in Stockholm for the next Nobel Peace Prize Laureate?

You know the answer.

So that’s why they gotta give it to Trump.

Now, they never will, because he’s a Republican, and he’s crude. I agree with the later part, but infinitely more loathsome creatures were given a Peace Prize. Think of that reptilian Arafat for example.

They have to give it to him, but they won’t, at least not to him solo. And perhaps they’re right. Give it to Kim Jong-un (ugh), Moon Jae-in, Xi Jinping, and Trump, the whole quartet of ’em.  That’d be a way to regain some credibility after the Obama fiasco.

Trump may not have signed anything, may not have done any of the legwork, may not have even been there. He may not know a single historical thing about the conflict on the Korean peninsula. But could anyone reasonably deny that if it wasn’t for our President’s, er, bloviating bluster, say, the two Korean leaders would not know be hearting each other to pieces?

Give Trump the Nobel.

But they won’t.

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Anonymous said...

It reminds me so much of Reagan when he deployed Pershing missiles in Europe. The rest of the world thought he was just a little bit crazy and acted much more cautiously than under "Doormat" Carter.