Friday, October 28, 2011

Person of Interest

Ten Things I Learned Watching Last Night’s Person of Interest:

1. Pharmaceutical companies are generally EEEEEEEvil.

2. Pharmaceutical companies usually have hired killers on the payroll.

3. Entrepreneurs like to encourage their children to be as EEEEEEEvil as they are, especially once they take over the company.

4. A paperclip can stealthily unlock handcuffs in less than thirty seconds.

5. Potassium chloride (what the government uses for lethal injection executions) works instantaneously, especially on 6-foot 220-pound men.

6. Most pharmaceutical company assassins and CEOs are EEEEEEEvil to the very end.

7. Pharmaceutical companies think it’s okay to risk 30,000 lives for a half-billion dollars.

8. You can fire a gun several times out the blown out rear window of your limousine and still drive down a New York city street without crashing or killing a pedestrian.

9. Social security and cell phone numbers can predict whether you will be killed, as long as it goes through a computer that can do some math.

10. Most EEEEEEEvil pharmaceutical companies have corrupt police commissioners in their pocket.

Okay. Despite the list, Person of Interest is okay. I like the surveillance gizmos, I like the quirky characterizations and somewhat understated acting. The premise is decent, if you suspend disbelief and don’t worry too much about Number 9 above. There’s just something about it that’s a little off, something that I predict will cause it not to be renewed for a second season. Or, if it is, only with some type of drastic overhaul.

What the list above indicates, though, is LAZY LIBERAL WRITING on behalf of the “creative” people behind the show. While watching it with the wife, I pondered, “Wouldn’t it be truly surprising if a bunch of CEOs were targeted by, say, a rogue killer from Greenpeace?” Think about it. Would never happen on primetime teeveee.

Unless the rogue killer from Greenpeace suddenly found Jesus or something.

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