Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl 49

Don’t have a real dog in this fight – except … we’re not big Patriots fans in this house.  Actually, being Giants fans, we’re used to beating up on the Pats in the big game, on the rare occasion we do get there.  Anyway, I’m tepidly rooting for the Seahawks.  More importantly, I got some good numbers in the office pool, so hopefully we can win a little coin to buy some groceries and gas and pay the bills and all. Maybe even go out to dinner.

I think I’m about 50/50 in Super Bowl predictions here on the Hopper (pure chance, go figure!), so I will go on record as stating:

Seahawks 31, Patriots 24.

but I’ll also accept

Seahawks 41, Patriots 34

or even

Seahawks 51, Patriots 44

(Note: you probably guessed my best numbers are 1 for Seattle and 4 for New England.)

Anyway, still recovering from my cold.  Got the throat blessed at my church today.  We’re also going to take the girls sledding this afternoon, though my participation will only be to stand on the top of the hill and cheer them on, letting the Dayquil do it’s work.  Later we’ll come home, crank up the heat, throw some laundry on, and watch the pre-game shows eating all the semi-healthy Whole Foods snacks the wife bought yesterday.

Should be a fun day.

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