Saturday, February 21, 2015

Vacation in Miniature

Alright, me and the family are heading out this weekend to Great Wolf Lodge, ninety minutes out in Pennsylvania.  We’re already on the road if you’re reading this Saturday morning.  I’m looking forward to a 48-hour escape (or 36-hour, whatever the exact number may be, I don’t care) from the house, the snow, the sub-Arctic winds, work, bills, chores and errands.

Great Wolf is a huge indoor waterslide park.  For 48 hours (or 36), we’ll basically be transported from Iceland to the Bahamas, climate-wise, except for when I, as the designated porter, have to shuffle over-packed bags from our room to the Honda parked two miles out in the lot.  But that I don’t mind.  We brought snacks and budgeted for wraps and Saturday night pizzas.  Stopped at the library yesterday for the girls to stock up on books for the car ride and for the early morning hours.  My eclectic take were a couple of books on biblical geography, an analysis of Shakespeare’s tragedies, and the history of the New York Mets.

I intend to go toe-to-toe with the little ones on the slides, rafts, whirlpools and whatnot.  Hopefully I won’t get stuck in a tube, as my midsection has increased a bit since last year.  But most of all, despite eight hours of eight-year-old fun, I’m hoping to get a little rest.  Though the four of us share a room with two large beds, those beds are comfortable.

So … no post tomorrow, but regularly scheduled programming will recommence on Monday.

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