Friday, June 13, 2014

Dearth of Blogging

Hi … I know that I have not been holding up my end of the bargain here, i.e., a subjectively interesting post on a daily basis.  Yeah, I’ve been posting some mildly amusing pics and stuff, but I haven’t been able to dig in and write something of consequence.  Not to make excuses, here are my excuses:

1) Sick as a dog – however sick that is – since waking up Monday morning.

2) Busy as a bee – if that bee was overworked, overtired, fighting flu-like symptoms and generally a miserable s.o.bee – all week at the job.

3) Not inspired to do anything in the evening except lay in bed with the sheets pulled all the way up to my chin.

Monday night I had the chills and dizzies.  Tuesday morning I sweated all day like a I was an extra in the mid-80s “Satisfaction Guaranteed” video by The Firm (now there’s a simile for ya).  Wednesday I had all sorts of Important Deadlines at work, and a pounding headache to boot.  Thursday was Little One’s poetry recital at school and I drove all over the county in the rain in a frenzy.  And today … well, the cold has migrated into my nasal passages and chest; I feel like I have about a half-ton of phlegm occupying my throat. 

But there’s been stuff to blog about.  Saw the new Godzilla movie over the weekend.  Some thoughts on the latest read, a re-read from my youth, Watership Down.  There’s the aforementioned poetry recital.  My two nemeses at work are gone.  A post on Tolkien I wrote in my head in the shower.  Stuff like that.

Should be able to do some writing this Father’s Day weekend …

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