Monday, June 30, 2014

Dropping Out

Okay, its official.  Im going to drop out of politics for the month of July.  True, I am not in politics, but here in 21st century America, everything is politics.  Everything.

Not anymore.  Not for me.

Honestly, its depressing.  One political party is evil, one is stupid, and both are self-serving and power-hungry.  And since I am powerless to change anything except with a meaningless vote every November (and no, I am not going to run for office a la Mr. Hopper Goes to Washington), I no longer feel the desire to stay plugged into each and every micro skirmish in the degrading, day-to-day tactical war of attrition we call politics.

I am dropping out for the 31 days of July.  I want to see if my outlook rosies and sunnies a bit.

Betcha it does.

Tonight, though, Im pulling an unread science fiction book off the shelf at random, filling the tub with hot, relaxing, Epsom-salt water, and enjoying life.

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