Monday, June 23, 2014


Busy busy busy this week, doing my annual thing when the wife and girls fly down to South Carolina to visit her family for the week …


Last year was little Patch’s room.  This year it’s the master bedroom.

Spent four hours yesterday moving all the furniture into the center of the room – bed, glider, armoire, two dressers, two end tables, TV and TV stand.  The amount of filth, in the form of dirt, old papers, magazines, baby clothing (mostly socks), rubber bands, pens, pencils, hair clips, hair bands, tissues (uck!), wrappers, makeup accessories, etc., that have accumulated underneath and behind all these things, was unbelievable.  Dust bunnies the size of tumbleweeds.  Ten years, more or less, of build-up (though to be fair to myself, I did do a massive clean, which included mopping the hardwood floor, sometime in the spring of 2010).  Yeah, it’s not a positive reflection of the Hoppers’ household hygiene.

Anyway, tonight I aim to wash the dirt and soot off the walls.  Once that’s dried, I need to spackle a couple of nail holes, some minor cracks in the curved ceiling above one of the windows, and a fifteen-foot crack running straight horizontal across our ceiling.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I want to put on two coats of primer and two coats of white ceiling paint.

Thursday and Friday I will apply two coats of the deep, dark mauve-y color we decided on (after ten years of a light lavender). 

Saturday morning I will put all the furniture back in its original place.  Or maybe I’ll re-arrange them.  Depends on my mojo level.

If everything turns out well enough, I may post before and after pics here.

Ah, painting.  The only home maintenance thing I can really do.

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